Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Date from hell breaks out at fancy eatery in Troy; Woman punches date, kicks cop

Before you turn on the latest episode of "The Bachelor" check out a real-life date that puts any reality show tantrum into perspective. Really, people, we didn't make this up: 
According to an Oakland Press report,"After hitting her dinner date, slapping another person and kicking an officer, a 31-year-old woman dining at Capital Grille in Troy was arrested on several charges."
According to information from Troy Police, the woman and another restaurant patron began arguing at about 8 p.m. Saturday at the swanky eatery inside the high-end Somerset Collection.
The woman then struck the other patron, a man. When a third person intervened and tried to separate the couple, the woman slapped the third person in the face.
She was escorted out of the restaurant, but before attempting to flee through the mall, she punched the man in the face.
That's right, friends, she took a break during a date at an upscale eatery to punch someone in the face.
“She returned to the area a short time later, but then began to flee again when she observed the Troy officers,”  Troy police released in a statement. “Officers were able to detain the suspect, even though she struggled...Upon being escorted out of the mall, the suspect kicked one officer in the shin and attempted to kick a second officer.”
The woman, a resident of Kimball, was arrested. Warrants are reportedly being sought for charges of felony assault and battery on a police officer, simple assault and battery and disorderly conduct.
The woman's disheveled mugshot tells the story, sort of the same way the famous Nick Nolte mugshot tells the story of his infamous DUI arrest.
But the Insider can't help but wonder what made this happen? Alcohol? A dating conversational gambit gone awry? And what could someone say to a date to cause them to punch you in the face?